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Innovation Day'8 Speakers: The Best

For 30 Minutes, Each Speaker Will Introduce A Different Topic In Many Different fields Related To Tchnology, Entrepreneurship, And Career...

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Innovation Day'8 Speakers

Mohamed Hossam Khedr

CEO At Internet Plus

Muhammed Hegzy

Investment Associate At Cairo Angels

Waleed Elsafoury

Founder At Mega Academy

Amr Al-Awamry

Lecturer At Benha University

Hesham El-Zoghby

Operations Engineer at

Ehab EL Nezamy

Head of Innovation Hubs At Nokia

Mohammad Omara

CTO Of Hoopoe Digital

Ahmed Abaza

Founder Of Synapse Analytics

Youssef EL Akkari

Growth Marketing Spacialist

Mostafa Ahmed

Graphic Designer At Vezeeta

Mohammed Bashier

Founder Of FabriGate

Amr Abodraiaa

Co-Founder Of Rology

Ali Saad

Data Scientist At RiseUp

Mahmoud Halim

Co-Founder And CEO At Cloud Coworking

Amira Amin

WUZZUF Coaches Team Lead

Ahmed Desouki

WUZZUF Business Development Team Lead

Mahmoud Isaac

UX Designer At Swvl

Khaled Khalifa

Enterprise Technical Sales Manager

Ahmed Adel

Business Mentor At
Fekretak Sherketak

Rania Esmael

Founder & Marketing Manager
At Careerk

Samuel Samy

Founder Of Raseedi

Eslam Almohandes

Founder Of Alkottab

Eslam Medhat

Chatbot Creator At
Art Dimension

Muhamed Aglan

Human Resources Management

Nono Ghannam

Founder Of Startups Galaxy

Ahmed Heikal

CTO At Presto

Mohamed Rapea

Caligraphy Instructor

Mohammad Fayed

Developer Advocate At IBM Egypt

Mohamed Badreldin

Developer Advocate At IBM Egypt

Ahmed Samir

MINT Incubator Program Manager

Ahmed Dahy

Branch Manager At TIEC Assiut